Celtic-St. Edmund the Martyr-20th November 2016

St. Edmund the Martyr Martyred king of the East Angles. He was elected king in 855 at the age of fourteen and began ruling Suffolk, England, the following year. In 869 or 870, the Danes invaded Edmund's realm, and he was captured at Hone, in Suffolk. After extreme torture, Edmund was beheaded and died calling [...]

Celtic saint of the day 17th July

St. Kenelm, King of Mercia, Martyr at Gloucester (Cynehelm) Died c. 812-821. July 17 Kenelm (Cynehelm), King M (AC) Died c. 812-821. According to a popular legend of the Middle Ages, Kenelm was seven when his father, King Kenulf (Coenwulf) of Mercia, died, and he succeeded to the throne. His sister Quendreda (Cynefrith or Quoenthryth) bribed [...]

Celtic Saint of the day 3rd December

St. Lucius of Britain     2nd century king or chieftain in the British Isles. The "Liber Pontificalis," c. 530 or later, states that a British king called Lucius wrote to Pope Eleutherius (c. 180), asking him in effect to send. Bede says that evangelists were sent, and had great success in the south and [...]

Celtic saint of the day 12th November

This holy king succeeded his father, Cadwallon ab Cadvan, about 634 A.D., and was the last Welsh king to have sovereignty over all Britain. The Mediaeval "Chronicles of the Princes" of Wales opens with the end of this King's reign.

Celtic saints of the day August 10th

Celtic saint of the day August 10th St. Gerontius, King & Martyr (Geraint) Died 508(?). Saint Gerontius of Damnonia (Devon) and his wife Enid were the subjects of romantic legends. He died in battle against the Saxons. There is another King Saint Gerontius of Cornwall, who died in 596. One of these saints is the [...]