Address given to Christ our Hope Sydney 30 July 2017

July 30, 2017, 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (7th Sunday after Pentecost) Proper 12  Address given at Christ our Hope Sydney by Br. Andrew Francis Clare Homily Preached on 30 July 2017 Good morning brothers and sisters, May the Lord grant us understanding In my reading, I came across very complex explanations for these last [...]

Bittersweet – Be Lifted

  I’ve I’ve prayed about it I’ve allowed God to handle it I’ve made room to forgive It’s over It’s finally over Now I can Start to experience closure Trying to describe how I’m feeling right now..... Source: Bittersweet – Be Lifted

Orthodox- Saint Nestor the Chronicler 27 October 

Born in Kiev 1050 - died 1114 in the Kiev caves ?? “Great is the benefit of book learning, for books point out and teach us the way to repentance, since from the words of books we discover wisdom and temperance. This is the stream, watering the universe, from which springs wisdom. In books is [...]