Who Came Up With Tikkun Olam? – Don’t surrender. Don’t escape. Fix the world. – Daily Dose of Wisdom

 See previous post The way we think of tikkun olam today is the end-product of a chain with three crucial links. Maybe you’ve heard of tikkun olam. It’s a phrase thrown around a lot in Jewish circles. Olam means “world,” and tikkun—well, it means all sorts of things. But in this sense, it means “repair.” So tikkun olam means “repairing [...]

AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE LAW POSTAL SURVEY 30 August 2017-Posted 13 September 2017

Better late than never. Source: Community of Christ Our Hope Published by Gregory Horn · 27 August at 17:25 · The Community of Christ Our Hope Sydney does not have a formal policy on the AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE LAW POSTAL SURVEY but notes the well-formed position of St Peter's Eastern Hill (Melbourne). St Peter's is a place of soul-stirring liturgy, [...]

Is there a cause of everything-9 June 2017

Is there a cause of everything this is very tortuous English, I think there are nuances and implications that are not picked up in another language - the article is very good. Subsequent to my second question (about the beginning of everything) I did today my third question on my website with the title: Is there a Creator ? As we [...]

“I Am He” | The Life Project

“I Am He” Posted by Don Merritt on December 26, 2016 Posted in: Bible John 18:1-11 This text is not actually one of the seven “I Am” statements of John’s Gospel, but it does make an interesting study nonetheless. It takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper at the time when [...]

Mary’s Song |Zechariah’s Song- The Life Project

Mary’s Song Posted by Don Merritt on December 21, 2016 Posted in: Christian Life. And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord      and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,  for he has been mindful     of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,     for the Mighty One [...]

Another View of the Christmas Story | The Life Project

Another View of the Christmas Story Posted by Don Merritt on December 17, 2016 Posted in: Bible. We’ve looked at the Christmas Story from an unconventional angle by seeing through the lens of Father Abraham, and now we come in this final week leading up to Christmas, to the more traditional story from the Gospel of [...]