Saint Teresa of Avila and the Light of Christ 16 october 2017

Teresa of Avila had no desire to be set apart as “the holy one,” because she believed she was far from perfect. She told a priest, “During my lifetime, I have been told that I was handsome and I believed it; that I was clever and I thought it was true; and that I was [...]

St. Teresa of Avila 15 October 2017 Feastday: October 15 Patron of Headache sufferers, Spanish Catholic Writers Birth: March 28, 1515 Death: October 4, 1582 Beatified By: April 24th 1614, Rome by Pope Paul V Canonized By: March 12th 1622, Rome by Pope Gregory XV   Teresa of Ávila was born Teresa Ali Fatim Corella Sanchez de Capeda y Ahumada in Ávila, [...]