Do you want to be well 5 November 2017

It is interesting that our Lord asked the man if he wanted to be well. Wouldn’t it seem obvious that he wanted healing since he had been hurting for decades? Why else would he have been there? [ ] Source:  Do you want to be well: minute Meditations, Franciscan media

Without fear or expectation 20 July 2017

      There is a life force flowing through the universe, and everything exists in a single moment, forever unfolding. I open myself to the stream. I want to be emptied and purified so that the past is no longer my lens—so that it no longer colors what I see. What will it be like [...]

St. Bonaventure 15 July 2017

Saint Bonaventure Saint of the Day for July 15 (1221 – July 15, 1274)     Saint Bonaventure’s Story Perhaps not a household name for most people, Saint Bonaventure, nevertheless, played an important role in both the medieval Church and the history of the Franciscan Order. A senior faculty member at the University of Paris, Saint [...]