Limitless Poetry- a Eucharistic Christmas

Holy Eucharist is the sacrament that renews the earth. Asking what you can do for your country? Make a good Communion. Make a visit to the tabernacle. Much more will follow. God will make limitless poetry out of the prose of your life, and he will renew the face of the earth, beginning with your [...]

Be Not Afraid

The angels said to the shepherds: “Do not be afraid!” And I also repeat to all of you: Do not be afraid! Our Father is patient, he loves us, he gives us Jesus to guide us on the way which leads to the promised land. Jesus is the light who brightens the darkness. He is [...]

Immaculate Conception from Franciscan Media 8 December 2016

Immaculate Conception   We ask God to enlighten our eyes, that they may be pure and clear and focused. As such, we remember today the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which we celebrate on December 8. The Immaculate Conception celebrates the grace-filled being whom we acknowledge as the Mother of God and our Mother, Mary Immaculate. [...]

Life of Gratitude from Franciscan Media

Gratitude is one of the greatest Christian virtues. “Eucharist” means saying thanks, and if you could say thanks, not just for what you have received, but also for all the gifts God gives to his people, your life would become more and more a Eucharistic life, a life in which you say thanks to the [...]

A Place to Dwell

  Somewhere our Lord is doing something lovingly to you, even when what you experience is only hurt. Is He carving out a cave to dwell in? If so, the cutting away of rocks might hurt very much and you might not be aware of the space He is creating for Himself. -from Love, Henri [...]

Choose Wisely

  It is not for us to destroy what God has given to us. Please, please let your mind and your will become the mind and will of God. You have the power to bring war into the world or to build peace. Please choose the way of peace. –from Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta [...]