Saint Francis Solano 17 July 2017

Saint Francis Solano July 17. Saint Francis Solano asked to be sent to Africa as a missionary. Instead he was sent to South America, where he spent the rest of his life working. After years of ministering in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, he died in the city of Lima, Peru.   Saint of the Day [...]

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017 July 10 is the commemoration of the seventh-century Saint Etto (Hetto, Zé), whom tradition links to the great Irish missionary Saint Fursey. Etto laboured in Belgium, where sources name him as an Irishman and where his memory is still very much cherished. John Montague, in his book The Saints and [...]

Saint Charles Of Sezze -18 January 2017

Saint Charles Of Sezze January 18. Like many people, Saint Charles of Sezze thought he knew what God wanted him to do with his life, only to find out that he was mistaken. Instead of going to India as a missionary, Saint Charles settled in Rome where he cooked and cared for the friary and [...]

Celtic- Orthodox St. Fursey of East Anglia 16 January

St. Fursey of East Anglia and Lagny Abbot of Burgh Castle, and Peronne Monastery, France Orthodox Church St Fursey's, Stalham, N. Norfolk  Archimandrite Philip Hall   Saint Fursey Born Island of Inisquin(?), Lough Corri, Ireland; died in France c. 648. After Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21) Fursey is perhaps the best known of the [...]

Celtic Catholic -St. Columba -26 November 2016

Saint of the Day for November 26 St. Columba 521-597. Born probably in Donegal, Ireland of royal descent he studied at Moville under St. Finnian then in Leinster at the monastery of Clonard under another St. Finnian.  He was ordained before he was twenty-five and spent the next fifteen years preaching and setting up foundations [...]

Celtic-St. Columban of Luxeuil and Bobbio-21 November 2016

Celtic-St. Columban of Luxeuil and Bobbio Born in West Leinster, Ireland, 530-543; died November 23, 615. The life of Saint Columban teaches the benefits of trusting obedience to God and those who are placed in authority over us. Whenever events turned seemingly bad, they led Columban to a new adventure, to doing even greater work [...]

Celtic- St. Alfred the Great – 26 October

St. Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons (+899) When the Gospel was first preached in Britain, the island was inhabited by Celtic peoples. In the 400's, pagan Germanic tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, invaded Britain and drove the Christian Celts out of what is now England into Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The [...]

Celtic- St. Fromundus of Coutances – 24 October 2016

St. Fromundus of Coutances, Bishop Died c. 690. Irish monk, abbot, missionary, and then bishop of Coutances (Benedictines).1 He is depicted in art as an old man with a hat, cloak, and long cross of a missioner. Sometimes he appears in a cloud with a bag around his neck and glory surrounding him. Venerated at [...]

St. Theophilus of Corte | Saint of the Day |

May 19 St. Theophilus of Corte (1676-1740)   Listen to saint of the day If we expect saints to do marvelous things continually and to leave us many memorable quotes, we are bound to be disappointed with St. Theophilus. The mystery of God's grace in a person's life, however, has a beauty all its own. [...]

Saint of the Day 31st October -2015

St. Wolfgang of Regensburg Saturday, October 31, 2015 Lived(c. 924-994) | Feast Day: Saturday, October 31, 2015 Bishop of Ratisbon (972-994), born about 934; died at the village of Pupping in upper Austria, 31 October, 994. The name Wolfgang is of early German origin. St. Wolfgang was one of the three brilliant stars of the [...]