celtic February 1 – Venerable Brigid of Ireland 2018

Venerable Brigid (Bridget) of Ireland Saint Brigid, “the Mary of the Gael,” was born around 450 in Faughart, about two miles from Dundalk in County Louth. According to Tradition, her father was a pagan named Dubthach, and her mother was Brocessa (Broiseach), one of his slaves. Even as a child, she was known for her [...]

Old English- St. Colman of Lismore, Bishop- 23 January 2017

St. Colman of Lismore, Bishop   Died c. 702. Saint Colman succeeded Saint Hierlug (Zailug) as abbot-bishop of Lismore in 698. During his rule the fame of Lismore reached its peak (Benedictines). The Monastery of Lismore As the School of Armagh in the North of Ireland, and that of Clonmacnoise in the centre, so the [...]

Celtic-St Brieuc 17 December 2016

St Brieuc (Brioch, Briach, Sant Brieg in Breton), born in British Cornwall, he came to Paris where he was ordained priest by St Germanus (not St Germanus of Auxerre) in the year 549. The year after, he returned back to his country, converted his father, built churches and monasteries, erected Crosses and worked miracles. On [...]

Orthodox -St. Abraham of Kratia -6 December 2016

Feastday: December 6 Birth: 474 Death: 558 Bishop and hermit, who faced the trials and upheavals of his era. Born in Emessa, Syria, Abraham entered a monastery in the city but was forced to flee to Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey, because of raids by local pagan brigands. In Constantinople, Abraham entered another monastery, and at [...]

Saint Sabas 5 December 2016

Saint Sabas Saint of the Day for December 5 (439 – December 5, 532) Sabas was born at Mutalaska, Cappadocia, near Caesarea. He was the son of an army officer there who when assigned to Alexandria, left him in the care of an uncle. Mistreated by his uncle's wife, Sabas ran away to another uncle, though [...]

Celtic saints of the day 18th January 2016

  St. Dicuil, Abbot (Deel, Deicuil, Desle, Dichul, Deicolus) St. Dicuil of Lure Born in Leinster, Ireland, c. 530; died in Lure, France, c. 625. Deicolus, the elder brother of Saint Gall (f.d. October 16), was one of the 12 disciples of Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21) who accompanied him to France in 576 and [...]