This day in Orthodoxy

Orthodox Calendar Wednesday December 12, 2018 / November 29, 2018 29th Week after Pentecost. Tone three. Nativity (St. Philip's Fast). By Monastic Charter: Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits) Martyr Paramon and 370 Martyrs in Bithynia (250). Martyr Philumenus of Ancyra, and with him Martyrs Valerian and Phaedrus (274). Venerable Acacius of Mt. Latros, who is [...]

Saint John the Dwarf 17 October 2018

Saint John the Dwarf Mosaic in Hosios Loukas Born c. 339 Thebes, Egypt[1] Died c. 405 Mount Colzim, Egypt Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, Oriental Orthodox Churches Feast October 17 = Paopi 20, November 9 (Eastern Orthodox Church) Attributes Short Monk watering a stick Saint John the Dwarf (Greek: Ιωάννης Κολοβός; Arabic: ابو يحنّس القصير (Abū) Yuḥannis al-Qaṣīr c. 339 – c. 405), also [...]

September 11 2018

On this day also St. Paphnuti, the Bishop, died. He became a monk in the wilderness of St.Macarius. He schooled himself in asceticism and worship and lived a monastic life eating dry beans and fasted for days. He learned how to read and write and learned the doctrines of the church. He was ordained a [...]

On this Day 10th September 422 AD

Sep 10 422 AD St Celestine I begins his reign as Catholic Pope See   St. Celestine When the father of this Italian saint died, his good mother brought up her twelve children well, even though they were very poor. "Oh, if I could only have the joy of seeing one of you become a saint!" she use to say. [...]

St. Constantine of Govan -9 March 2017

St. Constantine (+575) of Govan, King of Cornwall, Monk, and in Kintyre, Proto-martyr of Scotland Celebrated March 9 in Wales and Cornwall, March 11 in Scotland and March 18 in Ireland. Our holy Father Constantine was, according to one tradition, the nephew of the famous King Arthur, to whom the latter bequeathed his crown when [...]

Celtic St. Brithwold of Sarum, Bishop- 22 January 2017

St. Brithwold of Sarum, Bishop (Berhtwald, Brihtwald) Memorial Died 1045. Saint Brithwold was a monk at Glastonbury in Wiltshire who was chosen bishop of Ramsbury in 995, and governed it for 50 years. After his death the see was moved to Old Sarum. His fame comes not from his long episcopate, but from his prophecy [...]

Orthodox-Anthony the Great 17 January 2017

Venerable and God-bearing Father Anthony the Great Commemorated on January 17   Saint Anthony the Great is known as the Father of monasticism, and the long ascetical sermon in The Life of Saint Anthony by Saint Athanasius (Sections 16-34), could be called the first monastic Rule.. Go to hagiography              [...]

celtic -St. Wulsin of Sherborne 8 January 2017

St. Wulsin of Sherborne, Bishop (Wulfsin, Wulfsige) Died January 8, 1005. Saint Wulsin is described as a loyal and trusty monk whom Saint Dunstan loved like a son with pure affection. When Dunstan restored Westminster Abbey, he appointed Wulsin superior there (c. 960) and finally abbot in 980. In 992, Wulsin was consecrated bishop of [...]

Orthodox -St. Abraham of Kratia -6 December 2016

Feastday: December 6 Birth: 474 Death: 558 Bishop and hermit, who faced the trials and upheavals of his era. Born in Emessa, Syria, Abraham entered a monastery in the city but was forced to flee to Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey, because of raids by local pagan brigands. In Constantinople, Abraham entered another monastery, and at [...]

Celtic – St. Teilo of Llandaff – 25 November 2016

Saint Teilo is remembered on 25 November in Brittany. In Wales his feast day is 9 February.1 **Born near Penally by Tenby, Pembrokeshire; died c. 580. There is plenty of evidence, both documentary and from place names and dedications, that Saint Teilo was widely venerated in southern Wales and Brittany. (His name may be spelled [...]