Orthodox Heart

    http://orthodox-heart.blogspot.com.au/ Athanasius Yoo, M.D., B.D., Korea: Why I Became An Eastern Orthodox Christian Source: http://journeytoorthodoxy.com – HERE JOURNEY TO ORTHODOXY My long pilgrimage to the Mother Church has been completed. As I think back over the long road of this pilgrimage, I become filled with deep emotion. For by the grace of God, [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints 19-25 March 2017

19 St. Lactan of Freshford St. Alkmund of Northumbria  20  St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne St. Herbert St. Martin of Braga St. Clement of the Paris Schools  21  St. Enda of Arranmore St. Isenger of Verdun  22  St. Failbhe of Iona St. Trien of Killelga St. Darerca  23  St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions St. Ethelwald [...]

Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus

Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus       Saturday, August 13, 2016 Lived(d. 235) | Feast Day: Saturday, August 13, 2016 Two men died for the faith after harsh treatment and exhaustion in the mines of Sardinia. One had been pope for five years, the other an antipope for 18. They died reconciled. Pontian. Pontian was [...]