Saints for 10 August 2017

CatholicSaints.Info notes about your extended family in heaven 10 August <- Yesterday Calendar Tomorrow -> Lawrence of Rome (Feast) Our Lady of Good Success — Agathonica of Carthage Agilberta of Jouarre Amadeus of Portugal Aredius of Lyon Asteria of Bergamo Augustine Ota Bassa of Carthage Bessus Bettelin Blane Claude-Joseph Jouffret de Bonnefont Deusdedit the Cobbler Edward [...]

St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford-26 July 2017

Feast 25 July no memorial for 26 July 2017 St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford, Ordained by Saint Patrick 5th century. An Irishman, he was converted by St. Patrick and later became abbot of Mountgarret monastery in Wexford. Troparion of St Nessan Tone 2 O thou who didst converse with St Patrick/ and follow [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints 19-25 March 2017

19 St. Lactan of Freshford St. Alkmund of Northumbria  20  St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne St. Herbert St. Martin of Braga St. Clement of the Paris Schools  21  St. Enda of Arranmore St. Isenger of Verdun  22  St. Failbhe of Iona St. Trien of Killelga St. Darerca  23  St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions St. Ethelwald [...]

Ireland -St. Talmach of Lough Erc-14 March 2017

Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae Saint Talmach, March 14 March 14 is the commemoration of Saint Talmach, whom Canon O'Hanlon links to County Cork and its patron Saint Finnbarr: ST. TALMACH, CONFESSOR. [Sixth and Seventh Centuries.] Some short notices of St. Talmach are given by Colgan, at the 14th of March. At this same date, the Bollandists [...]

Irish -St. Gerald of Mayo-13 March 2017

St. Gerald of Mayo, Abbot Born in Northumbria, England; died in Galway, Ireland, 732. Saint Gerald became a monk at Lindisfarne and probably followed Saint Colman to Innisbofin Island, Galway, Ireland, when the Celtic liturgical practices were displaced in Northumbria.[read on] Celtic and Old English Saints - 13 March . 2017. Celtic and Old English [...]

Celtic- St. Finlugh, Abbot – 3 January 2017

6th century. Finlugh, brother of Saint Fintan, crossed into Scotland, where he apparently became a disciple of Saint Columba. Returning to Ireland, he was elected abbot of a monastery established by Saint Columba in County Derry (Benedictines). Troparion of the Ss Fintan and Finlugh Tone 1 Being brothers both in the flesh and in the [...]

Celtic St. Munchin of Limerick, Bishop – 2 January 2017

St. Munchin of Limerick, Bishop (Maincin, Manchen, Luimnich) 7th century (or earlier). Munchin is venerated as the patron of Limerick, Ireland, because it grew up around his foundation at Innis Ibhton on the Shannon, and derived its name Luimnich from him. In three early martyrologies, he is called "the Wise" and "Maincin" (Little Monk). While [...]

Celtic and saint of the day Saint Egwin – 30 December 2016

Saint Egwin of Worcester Catholic Encyclopedia entry for Saint Egwin Third Bishop of Worcester; date of birth unknown; died (according to Mabillon) 20 December 720, though his death may have occurred three years earlier. His fame as founder of the great Abbey of Evesham no doubt tended to the growth of legends which, though mainly [...]

Celtic-St Brieuc 17 December 2016

St Brieuc (Brioch, Briach, Sant Brieg in Breton), born in British Cornwall, he came to Paris where he was ordained priest by St Germanus (not St Germanus of Auxerre) in the year 549. The year after, he returned back to his country, converted his father, built churches and monasteries, erected Crosses and worked miracles. On [...]

Celtic- St. Egelwine of Athelney 26 November 2016

St. Egelwine of Athelney Also Known as Aylwine Egelwin Ethelwin Ethelwine Memorial 26th November 7th century. Egelwine, a prince of the house of Wessex, lived at Athelney in Somersetshire (Benedictines).1 Source: Celtic and Old English Saints - 26 November 1. Benedictine Monks of St. Augustine Abbey, Ramsgate. (1947). The Book of Saints: A Dictionary of [...]