Old English-St. Benedict Biscop, Bishop 12 January

St. Benedict Biscop, Bishop and Abbot of Wearmouth, who introduced glass windows to England and raised Saint Bede (Benet Biscop, Biscop Baducing) Born in Northumbria, England, c. 628; died at Wearmouth, England, on January 12, c. 690. Born of the highest Anglo-Saxon nobility, Biscop Baducing held office in the household of King Oswy (Oswiu) of [...]

Celtic saint of the day 30th July

St. Tatwin, Bishop of Canterbury (Tatuini, Tadwinus) Died July 30, 734. Saint Tatwin, a monk of Bredon (Brenton) in Worcestershire, was described by Saint Bede (f.d. May 26) as a man of remarkable prudence, devotion, and learning. At the recommendation of the Mercian King Ethelbald, Tatwin was chosen to succeed Saint Brithwald (f.d. January 9) [...]