Angela of Foligno

​1248 to January 4 1309 I own a book of Franciscan Saints, 1 or more per day of the year. Many of the entries are also at Franciscan Media, St. Anthony's Press. We post them Yearly. We remember their birthdays' when we follow the Lectionary, their lives' an example to us.  IF THIS link holds [...]

Saturday 22 December

St. Chaeromon Bishop of Nilopolis in Egypt. When the persecution was instigated by Empora Trajanus Desius , Chaermon was quite elderly when. He and several companions fled into the Arabian desert and were never seen again. The bishop and his companions are listed as martyrs. Died 250. Saint Chaeremon of Nilopolis“. CatholicSaints.Info. 21 June 2018. Web. 21 December [...]

Saints of October 17

October 17 St. Anstrudis St. Berarius St. Ethelbert and Etheired St. Florentius St. Francis Isidore Gagelin St. Francois Gagelin St. Herodion St. Ignatius of Antioch Bl. Jane Louise Barre and Jane Reine Prin St. John the Dwarf St. John the Dwarf St. Louthiem St. Mamelta St. Margaret Mary Alacoque St. Marie Magdalen Desjardin St. Nothlem [...]

Orthodox Saints for 5th March

Follow this for the complete list of Orthodo Saints for 5th March   (III - 18)  Uncovering of the Precious Cross and the Precious Nails by the Empress St Helena in Jerusalem (326)[1][6][7][8] Finding the True Cross According to the 1955 Roman Catholic Marian Missal: St. Helen, the first Christian Empress, went to Jerusalem to search for the True [...]

Saint Teresa of Avila and the Light of Christ 16 october 2017

Teresa of Avila had no desire to be set apart as “the holy one,” because she believed she was far from perfect. She told a priest, “During my lifetime, I have been told that I was handsome and I believed it; that I was clever and I thought it was true; and that I was [...]

why Angels are saints 13 October 2017

Continued from - When did the Angels become saints and why saints anyway?-Br Andrew Short answer Angels were saints from the day of their creation. Let us all remember that everything created by God is good, everything/human or angel are 'good' with freedom to choose to be good or bad/ evil. All were created equal, [...]

Celtic Saints 11-18 Sept. re-posted 13 Sept. 17

11th St. Deiniol Gwyn, Bishop of Bangor Fawr (c.AD 535-584) (Welsh-Deiniol, Latin-Dainiolus, English-Daniel) Prince Deiniol the Blessed was a saintly man who appears to have already established himself in Gwynedd in the early 6th century, [Read here] 12th.St. Eanswythe of Folkestone, Abbess (Eanswida, Eanswith(a), Eanswide, Eanswyth) Died August 31, c. 640; this is probably a [...]

Index of all the CELTIC SAINTS 5 September 2017

    The Lives of the British Saints (Baring-Gould, S. 1907) and others, alphabetically listed. to THE LIVES OF THE BRITISH SAINTS (the Saints of Wales and Cornwall and such Irish Saints as have dedications in Britain) by S. Baring-Gould and Hign Fisher andLIVES OF THE CAMBRO BRITISH SAINTS (of the fifth and immediate succeeding centuries, [...]

Saints for the remainder of August -29 August 2017

August 27.—ST. JOSEPH CALASANCTIUS. Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. ed. [1894], at ST. JOSEPH CALASANCTIUS was born in Arragon, in 1556. When only five years old, he led a troop of children through the streets to find the devil and kill him. He became a priest, and was engaged in [...]