Saints for the remainder of August -29 August 2017

August 27.—ST. JOSEPH CALASANCTIUS. Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. ed. [1894], at ST. JOSEPH CALASANCTIUS was born in Arragon, in 1556. When only five years old, he led a troop of children through the streets to find the devil and kill him. He became a priest, and was engaged in [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints 17 July 2017

17  St. Cynllo of Wales  5th century. Little is known of this saint who gave his name to several churches in Wales- St Cynllo, Llangynllo The church was designed by John Middleton of Cheltenham and built in 1869-70. It is dedicated to St. Cynllo, a saint of the fifth century, who was eminent for the sanctity [...]

Saint of the Day Calendar – Franciscan Media

Pick a date and see a saint! Enrich your daily spiritual life withe the saint of the day calendar.     23rd St. Gregory vii                 24th St.Mary-Magdalene-de-Pazzi                           25th St. Bede the venerable           [...]

Saints of the day 9-21 February 2017

Link: Saint Jerome Emiliani Saint of the Day for February 9 (1486 – February 8, 1537) February Calendar 21 February; Saint Peter Damian Saint of the Day for February 21 (988 – February 22, 1072) Canonized: 1823 Peter was born in Italy in 1007. When his parents died, he went to live with one of his older brothers, [...]

Celtic-Ss. Auxilius, Isserninus, and Secundius of Ireland- 6 December 2016

Ss. Auxilius, Isserninus, and Secundius of Ireland 5th century. Fellow workers under Saint Patrick in the evangelization of Ireland. The decree signed by the four, reminding the Irish clergy that appeals from the judgement of Armagh may be made to Rome, is still extant (Benedictines). This is one of the canons of the so-called First [...]

Celtic-saints of the day-10th November 2016

St. Aedh MacBricc of Meath  at Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae then from Celtic and Old English Saints Died 589. The Lives of Aedh are full of miraculous events of healing, bilocation, and other marvels. The son of Breece of the Hy Neill, Aedh worked on his father’s farm. His conversion occurred when he was dissuaded by [...]

St. Martin of Tours -11th November 2016

Saint of the Day for November 11 Saint Martin of Tours (c. 316 – November 8, 397) Listen here for audio from Franciscan Media LIFE OF ST. MARTIN OF TOURS Saint Martin of Tours was born in in Savaria, Pannonia in either the year 316 or 336 AD. That region is what is today the nation [...]

Feast of Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Apostles |

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Catholicism Pure & Simple   Saints Simon the Zealot and Jude (Thaddeus) October 28th is the feast of Saint Simon the Zealot and Saint Jude Thaddeus, two of the twelve Apostles named by Jesus. They share a common feast day because, according to later tradition, they ministered in Persia [...]