St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford-26 July 2017

Feast 25 July no memorial for 26 July 2017 St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford, Ordained by Saint Patrick 5th century. An Irishman, he was converted by St. Patrick and later became abbot of Mountgarret monastery in Wexford. Troparion of St Nessan Tone 2 O thou who didst converse with St Patrick/ and follow [...]

Celtic-St.Cinnia-1 February 2o17

 Image:  Abbey of St. Peter + Paul, Clones. There has been an abbey on this site since the 6th century, when St. Tighernach founded the first abbey. This abbey architecturally dates from the 11th-12th centuries. The ruins are a National Monument.  St Cinnia  was   St Tigernach of Clones' Maternal AuntSt. Cinnia - Memorial 1 February [...]

Celtic/orthodox- Ss. Ethenea and Fidelmia – 11 January 2017

Ss. Ethenea (Ethna) and Fidelmia (Fedelma), Virgins Died 433. The story is told that one summer day the little daughters of King Laoghaire of Connaught, Ethna and Fedelma, who were barely out of childhood and full of fun, went for their daily bath in a private place near the palace, a place to which no [...]

Celtic-Ss. Auxilius, Isserninus, and Secundius of Ireland- 6 December 2016

Ss. Auxilius, Isserninus, and Secundius of Ireland 5th century. Fellow workers under Saint Patrick in the evangelization of Ireland. The decree signed by the four, reminding the Irish clergy that appeals from the judgement of Armagh may be made to Rome, is still extant (Benedictines). This is one of the canons of the so-called First [...]

Celtic Saint-15th August

Mac Cairthinn of Clogher otherwise known as St. Maccarthen, Bishop of Clogher (MacCartin, Aid, Aed) Saint Mac Cairthinn, also Macartan, belongs to a very early generation of Christian saints in Ireland, and is recognized as the first presiding Bishop of Clogher, from 454 to his death in 506. He is known as Saint Patrick's "Strong Man", [...]

Celtic Saint of the day 9th November

St. Benen of Ireland, Bishop of Armagh, Saint Patrick's chanter (Benignus) Died c. 468. Son of the Meath chieftain Sechnan (Sessenen or Sesgne), Benen grew up in the district around Duleek. He and his family were converted in his childhood and baptized by Saint Patrick. The story is told that Benen worshipped Patrick as a [...]