St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions 23 March 2017

St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions, Martyrs-(Fingar, Guigner, Gwinnear) Died 460. This saint's "vita" was not written by Anselm, probably a Cornish canon, until about eight centuries after his death. There is evidence that the basics of the story are true. When Saint Patrick was evangelizing Ireland, he came to the court of King Clito [...]

Non of Wales 3 March 2017

A Celebration of Tenacity ---------------------------------- Very little is known about the late-fifth-century Saint Nonna (or Nonnita in Welsh, Non) other than the fact that she was the mother of Saint David, Patron of Wales. She herself, however, is more closely connected with Altarnon in Cornwall, where a church and a well are dedicated to her. [...]

Celtic -St. Paulinus of Wales 23 November

St. Paulinus of Wales (also known as Polin, Pewlin, Paulhen) Died c. 505. A Welsh abbot, pupil of Saint Illtyd, Paulinus is possibly the founder of the monastery of Whitland (Caermarthen), where he had among his disciples Saint David and Saint Teilo (Benedictines). Source: Celtic and Old English Saints - 23 November From wikipedia: G. [...]

Celtic- St. Cybi of Caenarvon – 8 November 2016

St. Cybi of Caenarvon, Abbot Bishop (Cuby, Keby) 6th century. Cuby is one of the few saints of Cornwall who seems to have been born there. He may have been the son of Saint Selevan (Levan; f.d. June 8) and cousin of Saint David of Wales (f.d. March 1). Consecrated a bishop, he settled with [...]

Celtic-St. Gwyddfarch, Hermit of Moel yr Ancr, Wales-3rd November 2016

Celtic-St. Gwyddfarch, Hermit of Moel yr Ancr, Wales-3rd November 2016 A number of ascetics chose the tops of hills. One such was the hermit and monastic founder St Gwyddfarch. We know little about his early life beyond the fact that he was part of the community founded by his spiritual father, St Llywelyn at Trallwng [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – 28 July

St. Samson Bishop of Dol, Brittany (Sampson) Born in Glamorgan, Wales, c. 485; died at Dol, Brittany, France, July 28, c. 565. The existing "vita" of Saint Samson may be the earliest biography of a British Celtic saint, but scholarly opinion is divided on whether it was written in the 7th century (within 50 years [...]

Celtic Saint of the day 3rd December

St. Lucius of Britain     2nd century king or chieftain in the British Isles. The "Liber Pontificalis," c. 530 or later, states that a British king called Lucius wrote to Pope Eleutherius (c. 180), asking him in effect to send. Bede says that evangelists were sent, and had great success in the south and [...]