Why Is There a Chair for Elijah at a Brit Milah (Circumcision)? – Questions & Answers

I was always curious as to what may have been the result of Elijah's zeal, I knew about the Elijah Cup at Passover, and that will herald the Messiah...   During the period when the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms, Elijah the prophet had a showdown at Mt. Carmel with 450 false [...]

Morning Prayer 2.20.16,

Frederick Douglass, Prophetic Witness, 1895; Ember Day "The sacking of the orphanage was one of the most shameful episodes in city history – “Burn the niggers’ nest,” rioters shouted – and a veteran preservationist writes that the time is now to do some poking around. (Harper’s Weekly, 1863; reportage: The New York Times) #BlackHistoryMonth" Source: [...]