Sacraments of Vocation

Marriage and Holy Orders

In our eyes the only difference between a Marriage and a same gender, Sacred Union is, that, currently in Australia, the former has legal standing and the latter does not.

Most human beings are called to relationship with one another or with God and so the Community refers to these formalised Relationships as Sacraments of Vocation from ‘vocatus’ to call upon, ‘ vocare’ to summon. From very early ages we may feel our calling from God to serve as a Priest or Sister or Brother in the larger church. In the same manner we might also have dreamt of children, home and a loving husband or wife that slowly took shape before our eyes until we felt the calling to the one chosen for us.

It is important to realise that Vocations are drawn by God if they are to succeed. One of the main reasons we are an independent Celtic Christian Community is that we became more than tired of the false values of the modern Church, especially where the view of the rights and inclusion of minority groups are concerned – need we say more?

A Sacred Union

Pastor Peter conducting the Sacrament of Holy Union – identities preserved.

Is any committed life Partnership between any two people of legal age and over, whether or not they legally able to Marry under
Australian Law: We consider all faithful relationships to be of
covenantal nature and worthy to be blessed by God through a
liturgy of Sacramental Union.

The nature of this Sacramental Covenant requires that the two participants, are free to enter a valid Relationship. That they are not already in a relationship that has not been dissolved.

Christ our hope Community recognizes that not all relationships or marriages are successful and so allow for the Sacramental remarriage of those who are divorced.


This photo by Filmography P: 9553 4150, M: 0412 218 79

Our Community concerns itself more importantly with the human beings undertaking “Marriage” or “Union”. In either case the couple are presenting themselves before God and their family and community to make to each other declarations of their love for one another and vows of commitment.

The nature of this Sacramental Covenant requires that the two participants, are of age and free to enter a valid Relationship.

That they are not already in a relationship that has not been dissolved.

Marriage should not be entered into lightly and so the Bishop, on behalf of the Community invites the couples to attend Marriage preparation courses to make ready for marriage – and will offer counselling if requested should a Marriage or Union be at risk of failure.

The community offers complete support during any relationship breakdown or dissolution with no stigma attached.

Holy Orders

Receiving Mitre and crosier – the marks of the Bishops Office

Peter Johnson Receiving the Mitre and Crosier during the liturgy of his Ordination to the Episcapoi

As the continuation of Christ’s priesthood, which He bestowed upon His Apostles; thus,  the Sacrament of Holy Orders is referred to as “the sacrament of apostolic ministry.” “Ordination” comes from the Latin word ordinatio, which means to incorporate someone into an order. In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a person is incorporated into the priesthood of Christ, at one of three levels: the episcopate, the priesthood, or the diaconate.”

Just as sexual preference is no barrier to receiving the Sacrament of Holy Union neither is it a barrier to answering the call of God to Holy Orders, whether the episcopate, the priesthood, or the diaconate.” nor is gender, the vocation to Sacramental Relationship, or divorce considered a barrier since God also calls women and the married and divorced to serve and who is the Church to refuse those whom God has called. When the occasion arises Christ Our Hope Community admits into Ministry any who upon proper inquiry are found to have received a call to serve God.

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